This tiny device makes dirty water drinkable in just 20 minutes

This tiny device makes dirty water drinkable in just 20 minutes

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Scientists have developed a tiny device the size of a postage stamp that can kill 99.99 percent of bacteria in water in just 20 minutes.
22 Aug 2016 - General
@Maria Cristina Inserto @Kathleen Peralta Yeah both of you have a good point. This is just a tiny tip that you have to put in to the water, and the chip is supposed to do the rest of the cleaning process. The level of purificaition will dpend on the amount of sun light that the chip is exposed to and also the duration that it stays exposed. As much as I believe in science, if I were given bottle of poluted water and one of these chips, I'm not sure if I will drink it even if I'm in the m...
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Wow is really amazing stuff. If perfected, it can really simplify the way water is made potable for use. Kathleen Peralta is right though because not only light source, but how sure are you that you are exposing it to the right level of sunlight? How is this good for cleaning polluted sea water? I mean, can the same mechanism in a very large scale be used? I think it will be more beneficial in this way because a...
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Yes, it's wonderful how little things could contribute to society, especially contributing to a clean water which is a necessity for everybody. However, this may just be feasible to countries where there are plenty of sunny days during the year. Unlike in UK, we get cloudy days or even snow and Mr. Sun barely comes out. It did say that it only takes 20 minutes for cleaning process to take place which is a good amount of time. I am looking forward for water to be much safer in the future as ...
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It's wonderful that this tiny devices as small as a finger nail can do so much work. This doesn't mention the amount of water it can purify or the rate, but I guess it must be pretty remarkable. This reminds me of another award winning discovery of a device that could be used to purify water. It was a small tube of which one end could be put into any source of contaminated water and from the other end would come purified drinkable water. I did some google research and found this product ...
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