Camels gave us the common cold virus - Times of India

Camels gave us the common cold virus - Times of India

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There are four globally endemic human coronaviruses which, together with the better known rhinoviruses, are responsible for causing common colds.
22 Aug 2016 - General
Virgilio Montero Oh really? I was not aware of the Bactrian camel. When one says camel, what comes to my mind is that skinny looking animal living in the desert and dry lands. I think that is because I have watched too many movies and cartoons instead of documentaries! :D I had a look on google about Bactrian camels, and they of course look nicer and well nourished. Yeah I agree with your point. In any type of cl...
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Millions and millions of people all around the world suffer from the common cold and now scientists have found that if there was not a creature as a camel on this earth, common cold or the flu will not be a disease that we know of? Hurry! Camels should be made extinct from the planet! Just kidding. It is really hard to believe this story though. Common cold spreads via respiratory droplets. And camels live in the desert. I doubt if the viruses can live much time outside in the environment. Anywa...
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