6 situations only nurses can understand

6 situations only nurses can understand

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As nurses constantly do their jobs every day, there comes a time when they realize the value of each situation they face. Oftentimes, these situations can only be understood by them.
23 Aug 2016 - General
Jemar Nicdao nice article. Its good to know that there are articles on nurses too. As a nurse, whatever is written in this article is true and still happening till today. The feeling that we, as nurses, are unappreciated is always in our minds. But we always move on and forget about the past. Cause tomorrow is a brand new day, and we don't know what is prepared for us. I personally feel that nurses should sta...
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Hi Jemar Nicdao, looks like a dead link. I tried several times as I am interested to read the article you posted. I even checked the MIMS website, under the nurses' special and couldn't find anything with this title. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was thanking MIMS for recognising the nurses and for putting up a special corner for nurses - "some of the unsung heroes of hospitals". I can s...
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