Paper-based Test Identifies Bogus and Poor Quality Drugs

Paper-based Test Identifies Bogus and Poor Quality Drugs

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Simple, inexpensive test weeds out counterfeit, unsafe and ineffective medications in developing countries without access to expensive instruments to determine authenticity of pills
23 Aug 2016 - General
Wow! This kind of invention is much needed, especially here in Asia, since the quality of many drugs here are not very strictly regulated by the government. One of the reasons why consumers cannot fully trust generic drug is that many of them are manufactured by companies that are either very small or are not well-known. Some of the cheaper versions are also imported from other countries where you ma even doubt the quality due to the cheaper price. Also, because a lot of Southeast Asian countrie...
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This is a really brilliant idea! Does anybody know if this set if tests utilizes any chemical dye? When I was a medical technologist, I often encountered false positives and false negatives with strips that uses a a dye (the strip for urinalysis). The caveat in using it is you really have to be careful and makes sure that the sample should not be contaminated by other dyes within the same strip because it alters the end result (which is based on a comparative color strip). Although this idea is ...
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Oh this is really amazing. This is a common issue, medicines that are of inferior quality because of concentrations, ingredients and formulations. Either you are fooled to believe that the cheaper medications are just the same as the expensive ones and you rely on it to bring you to health; or you trust an expensive medication that claims to be all that and then realize that it isn't. Based on the article, I think it also spots medications that have decreased in efficacy because of certain r...
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