Why pharmacy harbours a high suicide rate

Why pharmacy harbours a high suicide rate

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In 2014, “The Richest” magazine published that pharmacists are 1.29 times more likely to commit suicide, trailing behind other white collar professions such as lawyers, doctors and dentists. In 2012, healthcare support workers such as pharmacists documented a suicide rate of 14.6% per 100,000 populations, ranking 15th on the chart for suicides. Here we share with you 4 reasons why pharmacists are predisposed to harbouring suicidal thoughts.
23 Aug 2016 - General
Suicide rates are probably high in pharmacist, I am not so sure. But in terms of the working criteria of a pharmacist, other jobs too have similar criteria which is surprising that only pharmacist are at the peak. The only reason why i think the suicide rate is high among pharmacist is maybe due to the intensity of the work load and endless checks that is done during the job. Also maybe due to its progression process. The other day i went to a community hospital in South East Asia and noticed th...
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