Random Thought in a Dietitian's Life

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23 Aug 2016 - General

As I start another quarter life, God's messages and inspirations came over me in different forms. It came through opportunities, small success stories, departing loved ones, movies, books, friends and acquaintances. It is via these media that I was able to realize and give more value to things such as health, profession, honor, humanity, goals and time. It came out little by little, and I must say it has turned me into a totally different person having been through it in less than a year. Change doesn't happen overnight indeed. It took a lot if pain, forgiveness, idleness, soul searching, money and places before I concluded that what I have been looking for is just within my heart and I only have to accept it and be the person I wanted to be.

This year marks the time in my life where I let go of the traits I need not to carry along my journey. This year marks the time I will accept the responsibility and honor to serve the humanity in the most noble way of my profession. For that, I take the oath to not only improve my knowledge and skills, but rather implore change in the communities that need the extra hand to create nutritional awareness, uplift malnutrition cases, heighten the war against child mortality due to silent malnutrition and increase breastfeeding campaigns. All these I shall do up to best that I can, no matter how difficult, or scarcely resources are or how threatening it would be or how ever I will be criticized for it. I will be the leader my 25 years of existence have taught me to be.

Having been in an orphanage in a month for this year, I have proved to myself that this is the career my heart will be at peace. And I shall carry all these with pride and compassion. For that, to take the new position in the government should be my first goal. While I'm on it, I shall strive to learn more about lead poisoning, chelated minerals, congenital abnormalities, zinc deficiency, crop growing, herbs content and health benefits, protein enrichment, strategies in program implementations, negotiation techniques. It is through this that I will be an efficient Nutrition Officer. It is through improving myself that I will be able to improve my community. I shall be a resounding officer at my 30th year.

At this point I can say, I'm ready to turn 27. Taking the difficult road for the betterment of the majority is way fulfilling than walking through the pavement that will only benefit thy self. I must be in God's golden plans this year. What more can I ask for?