Medical Miracles

Medical Miracles

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Modern medicine is truly amazing; however, it can only go so far. We have all had that miracle story where our patient, who by science should not be alive, has found their way to the light and lived.
23 Aug 2016 - General
Firstly I have to share also my relief of being finally able to log-in. It was completely frustrating with all those 502 errors! Anyway, I have to like all your stories because they are definite miracles. Here we are giving the patient a bad prognosis, prepare the family and so on to suddenly find witness a miraculous recovery. I am always in awe of such experiences. Maria Cristina Inserto: The power of prayer is ...
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Finally I was able to log-in here. Its been two days that there's a system error! Anyway, thats quite a story Maria Cristina Inserto I frequently witness this miraculous escapes from death. I also had a patient who was accidentally shot by her father. She was so lucky because the bullet missed her cerebral vessels. Luckily we were able to take the bullet out without complications despite the depth of the loca...
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In my case, a stroke patient was admitted under my care about 1 week after his cerebrovascular disease took place. He had left hemiplegia (no muscle movement at all) during this time. It is well known that there is a rehabilitation window period of 6 months after stroke where significant recovery can take place. For my patient, there was no improvement of his hemiplegia after 2 months which prompted me to inform his relatives that the probability of being able to move his limbs was getting slim...
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"To my complete and utter surprise, the boy was wide awake and completely conversant. The bullet went through his left eye and out his temple entirely missed his brain" Oh wow! What an amazing story. I haven't been upclose medical miracles, but when I was in the Arms Medical Mission thsi summer, a Christian missionary group, we were doing three types of healing. Dental, Medical and Prayer. Before my time there, I have always doubted such things. I don't doubt the power of God t...
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