Spiritual caring: Essential component in nursing

Spiritual caring: Essential component in nursing

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Spiritual care is a fundamental part of nursing currently much neglected through ignorance and misunderstanding, according to the Royal College of Nursing. The approach in spiritual care should be ‘doing with them’ instead of ‘doing to them.’
24 Aug 2016 - General
Being a nurse is not just about taking orders from a doctor or just doing the bare essentials while waiting for time to pass till you get home. If you are doing so, i suggest you change your ways of nursing. Nursing is more then just cleaning dressings and serving medications. What i learnt during my junior days as a nurse was to talk to patients, connect with them, ask them questions and make them laugh while they are in hospitalized. Don't make them feel any regret being hospitalized or ma...
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It is good that the article defined spirituality as being different from religion. Patients from Western countries have a tendency to get offended when you mention religion. In fact, healthcare workers can get sued for bringing up religion in Western countries. Health is composed of 5 different aspects that overlap: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social. The WHO has already defined health as not just the absence of a disease but a state of optimal well-being. Focusing on the spiritu...
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I think this is an important aspect of the healing profession. Not only for nurses, but for all healthcare professionals who engage in interactions with patients. All patients are going through a process. Some may try to hide it, but almost everyone that goes through a procedure will naturally feel anxious or scared, even if it is as "simple" as a blood extraction or an IV insertion. It is a skill to be able to tell how a patient feels and how to respond appropriately to it. Simple ges...
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Indeed spirituality is the essence of being and giving purpose to human existence. Patients confined in the hospital don't just battle about their condition in which requires the need of healing and attention in terms of medications and treatments. Often times these individuals needs holistic approach in healing which includes spirituality wherein we often overlook. Lucky are those people confined with a strong support system coming from their friends, relatives and family. How about those w...
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