Understanding the concerns of Singaporeans on critical illness

Understanding the concerns of Singaporeans on critical illness

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Singaporeans suffering or recovering from critical illnesses suffer financial breakdown due to the costs. A survey finds that this is due to three reasons: the coverage amount does not cover loss of income, recurrence of illness does not allow them to buy more plans and plans do not cover different stages of illnesses.
24 Aug 2016 - General
Basically insurance companies have not provided an option that includes early, intermediate and major stages. We all need to know that insurance is important and if you require to pay more to be covered all, be it. You just have to, unless they don't come up with such a plan. Singapore is just an expensive country to live in and to die in. I am Singaporean. I think most Singaporeans would agree with me. No matter what you want to do, it cost a lot. I recently took a bus and was surprised tha...
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I think these concerns can also be observed in the Philippine setting. Most critically-ill patients take a leave from work for a substantial amount of time. This is tantamount to income loss and is particularly burdensome if the patient is the breadwinner of the family. In fact from my observation, some of my critically-ill patients requiring chronic care (especially those who underwent hemicraniectomy for malignant ischemic infarct) will need the help of another family member for assistance. In...
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