Being a nurse and pregnant all at once : 6 tips to guide you

Being a nurse and pregnant all at once : 6 tips to guide you

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Having a baby offers so much joy, however, this precious experience also comes with responsibilities which may overwhelm first-time mothers. But if you are a nurse as well, there’s even more to juggle.
25 Aug 2016 - General
Great article. I remember working in the ER few years back, we have close to 200 staff in the ER. And you never fail to see female nurses being pregnant. When they are pregnant, the staff will be located in a less crowded area such as the observation room or the mini OT and handle easier less straining activities. It is only fair for us to give this opportunity to the women who still completes their duty but at the same time are carrying a child. I also agree with the article that women should d...
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First of all, thank you very much MIMS for having a MIMS Nurses Special 2016 in the website. I remember being pregnant and working as a nurse in a Dementia Unit. Here in UK, health and safety is vital and once you inform your line manager that you are pregnant, a risk assessment takes place. It may include cutting your hours down from 12 hours to 6-8 hours ensuring that it is safe for you and the baby and to avoid heavy lifting / manual handling as well. To anyone expecting, nurse or not, enjoy ...
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