Life hacks for doctors

Life hacks for doctors

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Each day, doctors hold the lives of many patients. From ordinary shifts to extended working hours, their time and schedule are constantly filled up as more and more patients need care. To make room for other important parts of your life as a doctor, here are some life hacks for you.
25 Aug 2016 - General
#1 Maximize your time. In the field of medicine, one will always bring up the excuse about lack of time to study, exercise, etc. The truth is we need to find time for everything we need and want to do. When spare time is used to do other meaningful things that we have lack of time for, we find time for everything. I have downloaded specialty e-books in the pdf reader application of my phone. Whenever I wait in line for the grocery or have a haircut, I get to read chapters without having to bring...
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Oh this is so true. When I'm stuck in traffic or I'm waiting for something (like say on a queue), I'm either reading or I am managing patient appointments with my assistant, giving instructions for certain errands (inventory, laboratory followups, bank etc), calling my accountant and so forth. I always try to maximize my time because I believe that you can easily stretch 24 hours if you know how to use time properly. I also try my best to leave work at the door. Sometimes it creeps i...
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I like this article, but there is one item in it that i don't agree with, which is to prepare a symptom-based standing order. How can you prepare a diagnostic and a therapeutic plan without seeing a patient? Even hospital pathways (a checklist of evidence-based orders) needs a diagnosis prior to selection. I don't patronize cookbook medicine and I think this is a dangerous form of practice. I don't think there's anything wrong with preparing ahead of time and multi-tasking in ord...
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