Recent Freon gas leak in Singapore and its harmful effects

Recent Freon gas leak in Singapore and its harmful effects

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Freon is a tasteless, odourless gas but it can cut off oxygen supply to the lungs when deeply inhaled. In a recent report, commuters were seen fleeing from a westbound train to Tanjong Pagar MRT as Freon from the air-con engulfed the train.
26 Aug 2016 - General
That must've been such a big leak for it for smoke that is visible. If you're a regular passenger of that train, you would have been exposed to Freon for awhile before you realized the potential danger and that it what's scary about this kind of exposure. I also didn't know that there is such a thing such as "huffing". Why people engage in these things is beyond me, but it occurs and it is sad. This makes me quite paranoid now. Do they detect leaks when they clean, beca...
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The fact that this gas is odourless and tasteless makes this incident particularly frightening. It is lucky that there was a cloud when the gas was released in large amounts, but imagine if the leak was much less obvious.

This report states that Singapore has until 2030 before freon is eliminated, but hopefully the recent incident can spur them to speed up the process. An invisible leak of the gas, whether in public areas or in the air conditioners commonly found in Singaporean homes, ...
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