Mono or Multitasking?

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26 Aug 2016 - General

Monotasking (the opposite of multitasking that requires us to focus solely on one task at a time without interruptions) has become a very popular trend. But, I’m not supportive of the fact that it is the only way to to do work effectively and efficiently. On the other hand, multitasking forces us to split our efforts in order to get more done in a shorter period of time. Monotasking can actually make your work feel more enjoyable. Almost any experience is improved by paying full attention to it.

Each of us wants to be effective at our work, but we also have long to-do lists, so we need to be efficient to get it all done. What I’ve found is that we need a healthy mixture of effective focused work mixed with efficient tasks to maximize our productivity. Reflecting back on those days, I see that I was more efficient than I was effective. This was because those multitasking practices forced me to give 1/2 of my attention to each task.  Giving them both a sub-par effort, but getting a lot checked off my to-do list at the end of the day.

The bottom line is everyone works differently. I’ve found that the more I attempt to do, the less effective I will be at it. So if you’re in need of great work, eliminate distractions and get focused. If you have a mundane task like listening to a conference call, just do it. But take a walk or clean your table so you’re not just sitting and staring blankly. 


What do you do mono or multitasking?

Well, my way of working is different depending on the situation that I am in. At work I am a multitasker. There are so many things to do in a very limited time, and don't we all love to finish work early and have a little time to sit down and relax. But at home, I am a lazy monotasker. I can sit at my pc and play a game, or relax on the couch and watch a movie for several hours straight, without doing anything else. I found this interesting speech on TED talks about multitasking and monotask...
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Maria Cristina Inserto I envy your multitasking skills as I am better with performing tasks one at a time. Men are really bad multitaskers because the intercallosal connections between the two cerebral hemispheres are more developed for women. I prefer to work by first prioritising tasks and working starting from the hardest to the easiest tasks one by one. I feel that doing tasks with full attention allows you to...
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Maria Cristina Inserto thats great! I usually do the same, multi tasking all the time, Well, it actually started when i was working in the Emergency department. Its the best place to learn how to multi task cause every minute there is an average of one new patient coming through the door. Which applies for both walk-in and through the emergency door. Triaging and making sure you attend to all patient and triage th...
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I am a multi-tasker. Actually when my sisters invite me to watch a movie or tv series in their room, they have a rule: "NO GADGETS". I'm always in front of my laptop because I am writing. I am always multi-tasking. In the clinic, in between patients, I would be writing, watching, etc. When I'm just doing one thing I feel lazy because I feel that I'm wasting time. But I know when it is crucial to monotask. When I have something important to accomplish, I take all unnecessary...
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