Tips to make your presentation fun!

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26 Aug 2016 - General
  • Break the ice

No matter where you are, find some interesting or funny comment about the town you are in or the group you are with. Find something to bring people in, get their attention and maybe have a laugh. People feel warm when you take the time to bring in a story about their town or organization.

  • Getting over the nerves

Here is a secret. You just need to get through the first two minutes smoothly. If you can get through the first two minutes, you will relax and be fine. When you find your “local color” piece to open your talk, memorize it. Just say it over and over and over again so when you get up on the stage, you have your first two minutes down cold, people will laugh and you are on your way. It doesn’t matter if you are presenting to a corporate crowd or to senior citizens, you need to show some character when presenting. If you don’t do this you’ll probably sound like a robot!

  • Be visually profound

Many speaking coaches recommend that you get rid of slides altogether. Sometimes that’s OK, but images can also help you create a more fun and interesting presentation. Whatever your visuals may be, keep them simple and don’t put too many words on them. The audience isn’t there to read your slides, they are there to listen to you present.

  • Talk to your audience, not at them 

People hate it when they get talked at, so don’t do it. You need to interact with your audience and create a conversation. An easy way to do this is to ask them questions as well as letting them ask you questions. There is nothing more awkward than asking your audience a question and then getting total silence. Instead, ask a question that simply calls for a raised hand, like “how many single ladies in the audience?” This gets people involved without putting them on the spot. ;-)

  • Look at the audience 

If you ever wondered where you should be looking when presenting, the answer is right in front of you. Don’t just single out one person, but instead try to make eye contact with numerous people throughout the room.


The first thing, breaking the ice is very important. I know from my own experience that you do need to break the ice once in awhile. Someone speaking non stop about a certain topic can be really boring for the listeners. Me, as a listener finds it really hard to keep concentration at a presentation if there is not much life to it. Having visually attractive slides also help. Slides packed with words are difficult to follow, and many people don't bother to read what you put up in small text s...
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