Is luck revolving around you?

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26 Aug 2016 - General

I have been thinking about this question since a long time. How much percentage luck and how much percentage hard work play in our life success? What exactly is the role of luck when it comes to success?  

t’s a rather wide spectrum.  It ranges from a great deal of luck to no luck at all, or, in fact, some very bad luck. What’s important is that your belief about luck can really shape your chances for success. If you take a passive view on luck, success may happen to fall your way.  if you take a positive view on luck, you can increase your ability to deal with negative situations, as well as take advantage of opportunities as they occur. Luck is when skill and opportunity come together.

If a person believes only in luck, he just buys lottery tickets. He just waits. He will always be like that gambler in Las Vegas, staying at the roulette wheel. But if u do hard work, and luck comes, you will never miss that luck. Personally, I’m a fan of the positive attitude on luck.  I’ve seen self-awareness and skills make an enormous difference in the probability of success.  It’s less about what happens to you, and more about what you make of each opportunity. 

You should have the right attitude to make this happen. If you wish to fly, and you do hard work day and night without working on to acquiring the necessary skills required flying, it is almost guaranteed that luck will be reluctant to come to your door step.

Well, in my personal experience luck and hard work go hand in hand. If you work really hard, the outcome is almost always positive and if you don't, the chances of success invariably becomes less. But luck plays a major part in our life too. I have seen this more in the exams I have faced. Sometimes one of your friends may work so hard but another guy who does not study as much scores more. One person studies all the topics, the second studies only a few and the questions come from those few...
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I would prefer a positive view on luck too Alan Rosmadi. It is no coincidence that we get luckier as we work harder. Putting in the time increases the opportunity to be successful. On the other hand, a passive view on luck has a low chance of getting what you want. I believe that luck, like money or desired accomplishments, will not come to you or fall directly in front of you. You have to run towards it and earn...
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