Envy: poisonous in any workplace but more so in healthcare

Envy: poisonous in any workplace but more so in healthcare

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Ever felt like you deserve more recognition than your fellow doctor? Or felt that another nurse is getting more attention from superiors than the rest? Undoubtedly a common emotion for all of us, envy can lead to destructive outcomes.
26 Aug 2016 - General
Maria Cristina Inserto The old vs. new healthcare practitioners happen in our field too. Marinelle Castro Thank you for bringing up the medical hierarchy. It is absolutely necessary for decision-making and medical practice but sometimes it goes beyond the supposed boundaries. I feel that envy is an alarming emotion in the healthcar...
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The working environment of the healthcare profession is indeed a breeding ground for envy. Among all healthcare professionals, there is a hierarchy. For doctors, its from a medical clerk (4th year medical student) to a practicing consultant. This medical caste system has a natural culture for competitiveness. It matters who got the right diagnosis, who treated the patient correctly, who won a research grant etc. These are work elements that drive us to excellency. However, instead of having a he...
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I've been in private practice since 2007. In 2014 I decided to take 2 days in a multi-specialty clinic so that I could have a change of environment. I was so excited and it was quite fun to have new friends--dentist to share experiences and professional thoughts with, cases etc. I was so used to just my clinic, my assistant and my patients--it was an exciting change. BUT THEN, the issues started. A few pioneer dentists have been known bullies. It was nothing at first, I didn't really car...
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