Pharmacists: How to ace that dream job’s interview

Pharmacists: How to ace that dream job’s interview

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After graduating and passing your board exam, another phase of your life begins: dream job hunting. And with all the graduates and other pharmacists like you, a tough competition awaits you to have that dream job. A tip or two can help you.
26 Aug 2016 - General
Maria Cristina Inserto I agree with looking good to feel good. It works both ways for you and the interviewer. You will feel comfortable because you look your best and the interviewer will get the feeling that you really value the company and not just the position. May I add also that one should dress accordingly? For guys, button down shirt, slacks, and leather shoes will be safest for an interview. Oh and time i...
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I agree with Mark Edmon Tan--arrive early for your interview (so this means you have to prepare the day before and rest early). Learning about the company is also important--the main people to know, your direct superiors and the mission and vision of the company, so you can align your answers to match with the company's thrust. On the last interview I went to, I was 45 minutes early so I had time to go to Sta...
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Very good tips in this article to prepare yourself. It is always daunting to sit for a job interview, no matter how prepared or experienced you are. I do find employers these days focus more on your behaviour than clinical knowledge, so questions are definitely focused more on how you handle certain scenarios and people. However, it definitely would be wise to brush up on your clinical knowledge relating to your particular job. Sometimes they may throw a clinical question in there to test your c...
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Great tips for an interview are provided in this article. Acing an interview is made easier with the sample question and answer given. I think the article left out one important factor though. These questions are usually sandwiched in between casual questions. One must stay sharp and prepare for the interview by getting a complete night's rest, arrive at least 20 minutes before the scheduled interview, and know the company's organizational structure, culture, and history. Arriving ahead ...
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