Less than half the doctors in SG/MY are not satisfied with their jobs. Are you?

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26 Aug 2016 - General
Someone may say 'No. I'm not' but not me. There are both pros and cons. Since currently I am working in a paediatric unit in Lady Ridgeway Hospital, Colombo which is considered as the largest childrens' hospital in the world, I have got the fortune to have so much of experiences. Yes it is true that working as a doctor might keep you away from your family. But you have a well developed plan to manage your time. Working with kids, that is awesome. When you see a kid resolving from...
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Satisfaction is relative. It could be in terms of workplace, financial, career, or even training. Personally, I am very satisfied with my career as a doctor. I have always wanted to be one since I was six years old. At the risk of sounding cheeky, this is my dream job and I would not trade it for any other profession. I cannot blame the doctors who do not feel satisfied with their craft though. There must be multiple issues why they feel that you. I agree with ...
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I am glad to say that I am very satisfy with my career so far. Job satisfaction is very important for healthcare professional or doctor. A lot of doctors are not satisfying with their job because of a variety of reason, like limited or extreme competitive specialty or sub-specialty training, limited career advancement opportunities, financial aspect, issue of work-life balance, working environment, and etc. I would suggest that those doctors who are not satisfied with their current job to try t...
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