Death by medical error: adding context to scary headlines

Death by medical error: adding context to scary headlines

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With all their training, medical practitioners are expected to always do the best for patients. Yet, reports of deaths as a result of medical errors seem to be increasing. Is this truly a cause for concern?
26 Aug 2016 - General
Almost all the medical practitioners are trying their best for the patients. They do lots of sacrifices on behalf of their occupational life, giving their family, pleasurable activities and etc the second place. So I don't think that they are careless about their duties at the hospital. No one in the world is considered perfect. So anyone can make a mistake at anytime. But if a health care professional specially if a medical practitioner make a mistake most of the time it costs a life. That ...
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These are evidenced based practices type of data and should make us realize that rendering services in the medical field isn't that easy. Before practicing such profession, we are given the best training that we can ever get from the best nursing/ medical schools I believe. A part from it, before entering the institution we get to be screened for the desired qualification and training. However providing health care services does not only limit our knowledge in the four walls of our class roo...
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Getting complications due to not getting medical treatment for an illness is a certainty. A misdiagnosis is a chance. Googling the disease and self-medicating is a low-reward, high-risk gamble. Patients should be educated about the three previous sentences. Medical errors will always be bound to happen and no physician is exempted from making one. Disease algorithms and clinical guidelines have been created to reduce the chance of medical errors. Hospitals put emphasis on avoiding costly mistake...
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Nobody is infallible. However, healthcare providers went through rigorous training in order to deliver quality care that is both safe and effective. Any healthcare organization must follow a certain local or international standard to gauge whether they are at par with providing quality services. This also includes auditing mistakes that occur in the workplace - - - most especially if they result to patient morbidity and mortality. There should be a root-cause analysis for these kinds of situatio...
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