Slideshow: Excessive sweating in women: Tips to stay dry

Slideshow: Excessive sweating in women: Tips to stay dry

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Having trouble staying dry? BootsWebMD shows women how to fight serious sweat issues. Get perspiration tips, from what not to eat to what not to wear.
28 Aug 2016 - General
Priscilla Mae Gobuyan Thank you for sharing this helpful tips since we need it here in the Philippines. One notable content of the article was the use of antiperspirant versus deodorant. Each has its own use. Too much perspiration will be solved with an antiperspirant while deodorant is mainly for odor but will not address sweating. Using both is advisable in tropical climates. One of my observations in the Phili...
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Yay! Do you also have friends who simply sweat excessively? I mean more than we are human supposed to do. I bet you also have, well here are the tips how to help them out guys? Skimming along these tips can really help our fellow colleagues overcome such condition. I just hope that it's odorless otherwise we will have another problem, right? Sometimes being placed into such condition is affected by other the food we are eating, lifestyle, the way we dress and type of clothes we are wearing a...
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