Your Long Commute Is Making You Gain Weight

Your Long Commute Is Making You Gain Weight

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A new report sheds light on how your daily trek to work can affect your waistline, stress levels, and more.
28 Aug 2016 - General
Indeed long trips are not good in our body. Since we are just sitting there doing nothing for hours. Our blood circulation is affected causing us to feel numbness and strains. Reading this article made me now decide to love walking and skip taking a transport. Haha. Besides it is ourselves that we are helping to have a good health. Aside from that, we should eat only healthy foods that will help us go through in our daily activites. This includes high fiber foods like vegetables,fruits and neede...
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I remember that when I take long trips, I always have to have food in my bag. Be it chips, nuts, or other snacks, I always fear getting hungry on long commutes and trips. :) And yes, the inactivity on long commutes can actually strain muscles and blood vessels. I keep on having to move my feet and legs to avoid them getting numb and cramped. When I used to do long commutes, I also didn’t have time for breakfast. Maybe it could help if healthier meals were packed for these long commutes. As the a...
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I used to be guilty of this too. I used to commute for rotations that are a good hour from the house when I was in college.Bus stops in the Philippines promote gastronomic adventure. Vendors of peanuts, rice cakes, pork rind, fish crackers, and bread come and go to sell their products in front of you. Mindless munching took place because of multiple factors a.) stress due to horrible traffic b.) uneasiness if you would reach the destination safely c.) mental planning of tasks to do. However, I l...
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Yay! What an interesting topic and most of us I guess are guilty of this. May it be on a short distance of commuting or longer distance. Upon reviewing the article, having longer rides of commuting through bus and trains will predispose us to become unhealthy. As what has been mentioned in the article, people tend to eat and choose to consume food which are readily available on bus stop stations. You're tempted to purchase fast food and the risk for having less activities, being stagnantly ...
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