Test identifies Breast Cancer Patients Who Can Skip Chemo

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29 Aug 2016 - General

In the article below, a gene screening test called MammaPrint was able to rule out breast cancer patients who may not benefit significantly from adjuvant chemotherapy. In the patient population screened, almost half (49 %) were found to be able to skip chemotherapy. Such patients were not seen to receive any benefit from chemotherapy, and with the costs and risks that come with the treatment, face a good prognosis even without it. This test can help oncologists determine what course of treatment to recommend for their patients. DO you know if any such tests are available in your country? Here's the article link:

Mark Edmon Tan Thanks for your comment! It's great to know that the test is available here in the Philippines. And yes, it's true that chemotherapy can be a burden to the patient. The mix of drugs really weakens the system and poses a lot of adverse effects. Good thing that tests like these have been developed to prevent unnecessary chemo treatment and save the patient and their loved ones from dealing wi...
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Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan Theekshana Abayawickrama This test is available in the Makati Medical Center as I believe it was launched October last year. Mammaprint tries to identify which cancer would likely recur. If the patient is unlikely to recur, adjuvant chemotherapy is prevented. Chemotherapy is really hard for the patient d...
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No as far as I know there is no such test available in my country. But since there are proven results of the specificity of this test, I think it is time we started implementing these testing to avoid giving unnecessary chemotherapy for these patients. Chemotherapy is really difficult for patients to take in. I see people suffer much more due to the adverse effects of chemotherapy than due to the effects of the breast cancer alone. It is not fair by the patient to be given such a therapy, if we ...
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