Diagnostic Criteria of Hepatorenal Syndrome

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29 Aug 2016 - General

The latest diagnostic criteria for Hepatorenal syndrome from International Ascites Club is as below:

1.) Cirrhosis with ascites

2.) Serum creatinine greater than 133 umol/L (1.5 mg/dL)

3.) No improvement in serum creatinine (decrease to a level of 133 umol /L) after at least 2 days with diuretic withdrawal and volume expansion with albumin. The recommended dosage of albumin is 1g/kg of body weight per day up to a maximum og 100g/day.

4.) Absence of shock

5.) No current or recent treatment with nephrotoxic drugs

6.) Absence of parenchymal kidney disease as indicated by proteinuria greater than 500mg/day, microhematuria (greater than 50 red blood cells per high power field), and/or abnormal renal ultrasonogram.

Is anyone has some clinical experience in dealing with patient with hepatorenal syndrome???