Motivational interviewing: 3 must knows for a pharmacist

Motivational interviewing: 3 must knows for a pharmacist

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Motivational interviewing (MI), a term coined by clinical psychologists five decades ago, is a useful counseling approach which new-age pharmacists can adopt. Despite numerous studies which been done for decades to better understand patient’s attitude and beliefs towards non-adherence of medication regime, many of the medications are still plagued by high percentage of incompliance.
29 Aug 2016 - General
Refreshing news from the pharmacy sector of healthcare. Pharmacists in our hospital really take good care of providing medication for our patients. They do not assume that doctors have thoroughly explained what the medication is for, which something that some doctors do not put much time into. A patient-pharmacist relationship is an important step towards patient compliance. Once they build a rapport, the patient can open up about self-perceived embarrassing questions such as affordability of me...
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