3 reasons why you should not always trust a scientific paper

3 reasons why you should not always trust a scientific paper

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In the medical community, scientific papers published in reputable journals have always been the source of knowledge to improve practice. These rigorously prepared and reviewed journal publications are the epitome of human knowledge, the cutting edge of medical expertise which may one day change how doctors treat their patients. But do all medical publications live up to the high standard that the community expects them to be?
29 Aug 2016 - General
I agree with You Yi Hong in stating that we should be discerning by doing critical appraisal. I cannot help but notice one glaring factor to consider: researcher bias. If a paper is sponsored by a pharmaceutical company, we must be careful in interpreting the results. Sample size is important too. As statisticians repeatedly say, a larger population size approaches normality (study translates better to target pop...
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We should not always trust a scientific paper but we should know how to APPRAISE the scientific paper in a systematic way. We need to understand the concept of level of evidence. There are a range of different level of evidence, from weak evidence to strong evidence among all the scientific paper available. A few different bias does occur when conducting a research study. The issues stated in this article like “P-values hacking”, “poor replicability”, and “Inadequate sample size” do occur in a s...
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The article stated that "Science itself is not perfect" meaning despite it being a scientific paper it may have flaws. I have seen quite a number of papers where the sample size is very limited but they would end the paper in their recommendations saying that their hypothesis needs to tested on a larger sample size and with so and so conditions. Scientific papers were not meant to be taken wholly for what it is but should also be intelligently analyzed by the scientist reader. Meta-ana...
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