Null and Alternative hypothesis

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29 Aug 2016 - General

In a research study, null hypothesis means that there is no difference between the groups being compared in the study. Null hypothesis will become the formal basis for statistical testing for significance after gathering and analze the research data. By assuming there is no assocaition in the population, statistical test will help to estimate the probability that an association observed in a study may be due to chance. Alternative hypothesis means there is a dfiffernece between the groups compared. For example, you wish to test whether a new medication - Drug A is better than a placebo in treating Disease Z. Your null hypothesis will be there is no difference in treating patients with Disease Z with either Drug A or a placebo. The alternative hypothesis will be Drug A is significantly better than placebo in trating patient with Disease Z. Do you have any experience in designing a clinical study or involved in formulating the null and alternative hypothesis??

The investigators will start by presuming the null hypothesis of no association between the predictor and outcome variables in the population. Based on all the data collected, statistic test can be used to decide whether there is sufficient evidence to reject null hypothesis, in favour of alternative hypothesis, where there is an association in the population. Errors can potentially occur when we accepting or rejecting the null hypothesis. Type 1 error occurs when researcher rejects a null hypot...
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Thank you for sharing this You Yi Hong . This is the common waterloo when presenting a research protocol. I am writing a paper on aromatherapy as a form of relaxation currently and presented the research protocol with the null and alternative hypothesis of aromatherapy's possible effects. You are right on the money in stating that a null hypothesis will require a statistical test to determine if there really ...
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