Comic of the day (29 August 2016): At home

Comic of the day (29 August 2016): At home

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At home
29 Aug 2016 - General
"Doctor awesome becomes doctor worrisome at home." -- Oh this is so true for me. Sometimes when I am trying to think of a way to treat my mom (and my dad before) I would pause and imagine they weren't my parents because it seems easier when you're in the clinic and in front of a patient. Even if the case is complicated--you present the problem and the treatment options without hesitation. I seem to hesitate and second-guess when I'm thinking of way to approach my parents...
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Kathleen Peralta Thank you for sharing your story with us. How old is your daughter when this happened? I hope she is doing fine now. I would like to note that it is a luxury that you father is there. Grandparents have a really keen eye on noticing what is wrong with our children. My father, when he was still alive, would point out that my kid was doing number 2. They could really tell with just minimal facial ex...
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I totally agree with you Dr. Mark Edmon Tan that our emotional aspect gets in the way of clinical judgement. I think I have shared it here before (I couldn't remember what post it was under) but when my daughter accidentally slipped on the bathroom floor and her skin got in contact with a hot kettle (Long story why I got a kettle in the bathroom), I did not realise that she actually burnt her skin. I initiall...
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This is extremely laughable. As healthcare providers, we are very adept in management of patient's illness. We imagine in detail the best combination of drugs that will help a patient feel better in no time. However, there comes a time that the patient is a household member and suddenly your clinical judgment gets clouded. Doctor awesome becomes doctor worrisome at home. The emotional aspect gets in the way of clinical judgment. The comic can be interpreted in many ways but that is what I re...
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