Dr. Dog will see you now: Superior diagnostic and treatment skills in animals you never knew

Dr. Dog will see you now: Superior diagnostic and treatment skills in animals you never knew

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Multiple studies have pointed out that pigeons, flies, mice, rats, dogs and cows have something in common. They are all equipped with different sets of superior skills that could help with the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.
30 Aug 2016 - General
Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan I am more of a big dog person. I can't imagine bringing my labrador or pitbull to work without raging fear into my patients. I can imagine getting a beagle out on medical missions to do all the sniffing of urine samples. Though if I had a bigger furry friend, he or she could carry my medical stuff. Something to ponder on. :) ...
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I bring my dog with me to the clinic all the time, but he's just there for entertainment purposes. Today I left him at home because I had somewhere to go before work, and my last patient was looking for him: "Oh where is Beckham?" I explain and he said, "My girlfriend asked to come with me because she thought he would be here." The kids love Beckham too. I have children who enjoy visiting me--well Beckham actually--so they tell their mom they want to go to the dentist. He...
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I find this cute as well but I find the idea of using rats, on the other hand, revolting! I have read about dogs being able to sniff cancer, detect abnormal urine, and used for children with ADHD and as seizure dogs. I do think animals are helpful for such roles but of course further investigation would be needed. Sanitation would be another issue. I would personally be willing to take a doctor dog with me out in the field where we cannot bring all the medical equipment for diagnosis due to eith...
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This is too cute, and amazing as well. :) I've heard of animals being able to predict an earthquake or determine when something is wrong, but its only now that I've heard about animals being able to help diagnose certain conditions. Though such a finding may be somewhat entertaining, I believe further studies have to be done to establish the role of animals in medical diagnosis. I've also heard about service dogs being able to help predict epileptic seizures, but I can't quite im...
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