Case discussion - Hep B

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30 Aug 2016 - General

Middle aged gentleman, with background of chronic hepatitis B (e antigen negative) past 20 years, hypertension, and increased body mass index was follow up in clinic, Patient is asymptomatic, but was not able to loss weight effectively.  Latest ultrasound liver done 2 months ago showed fatty liver. Recent liver biopsy 1 year ago showed stage 2 fibrosis, with steatosis. Recent liver fucntion test showed that his ALT and AST were elevated (ALT -69, AST 62), with recent hepatitis DNA viral load of around 7000 U/mL. Normal alpha feto protein. Fibroscan showed liver stiffness of around 8.2 kPas.  What is your managment strategy in this case ?? Would you offer some treatment for him???