Three new ways to target and treat various forms of cancer

Three new ways to target and treat various forms of cancer

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Treating cancer effectively these days doesn’t necessarily entail a cocktail of chemotherapy or radiotherapy as the real challenge is to isolate certain regulatory cells, provide treatments at the right time, and utilise high doses of radiation safely.
30 Aug 2016 - General
These new discoveries are truly amazing! It's great to know that cancer research isn't only stopping at chemotherapy, but also exploring alternative ways to arrest cancer cell growth and progression. Current cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation seem to have a lot of adverse effects on the patients, compromising quality of life. Hopefully, these three findings get to reach pre-clinical and clinical trials and prove effective for cancer treatment in the near future. Also, I ho...
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This article will give hope to the cancer patients. Cancer is a silent killer disease. Once you are on the last stage, your chance of living is very low. Is the near infrared photoimmunotherapy is tested on human? Coz if does, please let us know the progress of the patient. Proton beam therapy is interesting. It does not only kill the cancer cells. It do have less damage to the surrounding healthy tissues. This is worth sharing. This article will help them have an optimistic views in life. I hop...
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