Patient satisfaction vs. job responsibility: A nurse's call of duty

Patient satisfaction vs. job responsibility: A nurse's call of duty

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In today’s service-driven healthcare industry, there is often conflict of interest between the priorities of doctors, nurses and managers. The key question remains, is patient happiness a strong enough motive to be fulfilled at the expense of basic job responsibility?
30 Aug 2016 - General
Nursing is such a noble and selfless profession. If you're a nurse you are considered to be flexible and caring. "Patients first", as what we always say. We always put our patients needs in top of ourselves. Handling difficult patients ...
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I do appreciate what nurses have to experience everyday, despite the menial pay and the stressful work, they still go to each patient with their game faces on. I am not much of a people person and being on a field where you have to be one, sucks. I c...
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What Being a Nurse Means to Me

Having a caring heart, enjoying knowing that I have made a difference in someone's life. Just the knowing that you have just touched even one person makes all the difference. Hearing the patient say "g...
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Hi! Just a question to Singaporeans in the MIMS community, what is a "chee cheong fun or kway teow"? Anyway I really appreciate our nursing colleagues because their job is very tedious and demanding. In cases when there is staff shortage an...
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As a nurse, we are flexible in everything. We may have patient in good disposition (e.g., happy, relaxed, lets say an optimistic one) and the other one is in bad shape. Nurses are always patience in dealing with their patients. As what my friend tell...
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