Son gives part of liver to save his dad

Son gives part of liver to save his dad

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Parents give of themselves so their children can live. Michigan resident John Barnes' son returned the favor.
30 Aug 2016 - General
Really heart touching. Minimal graft vs host reaction and that is true. The father who generates the half of the chromosomes the son has is very lucky to have a son like him. It is like paying back to the father for what he has done for him for decades. We are living in a world where the children take the parents to elders' homes when they get old and helpless. So this is bit different from those usual stories right? A much appriciated job has been done by this young man to whom has given hi...
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Sometimes the universe conspires and makes something really hear-warming good happen. This story often happens only in fiction. Yet, this brave 23 year-old young man defied conventional actions of children towards their parents and endured a risk just to extend his dad's life. As a parent, I am really overflowing with joy to know that children can reciprocate the love that their parents gave them. Don't get me wrong because I know that a parent's lover for his children is uncondition...
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This is a lovely story. It's so noble of the father too, to ask his children not to get themselves tested, and then equally amazing of his son to disobey and decide to go for it. Imagine his passion to make it happen, he dropped in weight too. It must be really hard to be queuing for a donor because while you're praying for your life to be extended, you are quietly hoping for an organ to be available, and of course that means someone has to die. I am happy for this family. I have a famil...
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This article touched me in a very personal way. There are only a few relatives who are willing to donate an organ for their loved ones. I'm sure that the patient (father) was hesitant to receive his son's liver because there is a possibility of acquiring a complication during the procedure and I am certain that he might be concerned with long-term consequences for his son. I admire the son's unselfish act, especially when he made the effort of losing weight just to be a good candidat...
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