Help your patients connect with you in the era of digital healthcare

Help your patients connect with you in the era of digital healthcare

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Traditionally, people have found doctors by word of mouth: Find someone you trust, and ask whom they use. But in today’s increasingly digitalised world, the majority of patients search for medical resources online before making any decisions in the real world.
30 Aug 2016 - General
My mentor gave us an advice regarding keeping in touch with patients. Always make yourself available. Whatever happens, whether the patient would like to thank you or inform you of an unfortunate event, always have your line open. This is not only to make yourself more approachable with your good patient care, but it also helps in fixing (hopefully none) unfortunate or unexpected events. Through their years of practice, they have observed that it helped in making patients come back for certain e...
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It is good to hear that the era has got evoluted. In developed counties that is applicable because there are much facilities over there and the community is well educated. They are being updated with the newest technology. But here it is different in Sri Lanka. As a developing country I must say that the proportion of the community that live with the updates of the new technology is lesser than in those developed countries. So it will take few years (may be few decades) to reach that level in Sr...
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"Buy your name as your URL". Hihi, like a celebrity? I have my own URL for my blog and my clinic's website but what would a site with my name have--just my details? Anyway for something similar, you can list yourself at because it's basically an online calling card. It's one page and it ranks high on search results when someone types your name. You can list/link your website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Being online is important. Although the bulk of my patien...
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