Pharmacists: 5 alternative careers worth considering

Pharmacists: 5 alternative careers worth considering

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Many expect the number of pharmacists to go into surplus in the near future, and many fresh graduates are already feeling the competitive pressure to secure a job in the market. Never, fear, there are many other career paths one can choose to embark onto, and we list the top 5 alternative jobs for fellow pharmacists.
31 Aug 2016 - General
I don't have the personnel experience of being a pharmacists, but I do have a few of my friends who work as pharmacists, so i have a pretty good understanding of how competitive their job market has become. Apparently there are more pharmacists in my country than there are vacancies for pharmacists, so many of those who have studied pharmacology seem to get lost trying to build their professional career. These 5 jobs mentioned in the article here are really good career paths for someone who ...
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Here in the Philippines, we pharmacists can relate to the situation in Malaysia. There are a lot of schools offering the Pharmacy course, and a lot more students are considering Pharmacy as a viable career choice. Many think that being a Pharmacist is limited to only the hospital and community setting, but in reality, with the wide range of knowledge and training a pharmacist is exposed to in college, there are many other alternative career paths that they can follow. AS a plus, some of these ev...
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