5 facts about breast cancer that men need to know

5 facts about breast cancer that men need to know

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Most of the information available on breast cancer are directed towards the diagnosis and management in women but men need not worry. Generally, men will receive the same tests and treatment as in the case of women. However, there are some slight differences in the symptoms or risk factors when it comes to breast cancer in men.
31 Aug 2016 - General
Marinelle Castro Woah, if you've seen 2 males with breast cancer in just 2 months, then maybe it isn't as rare in males as we think? I believe that current lifestyles may have an im...
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Men really do care about looking macho. They feel that it will reduce the machismo effect if they whine about finding a lump in the chest. Hence, men have the lumps checked at a later stage that results in poor prognosis. All of this could be prevent...
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No one is really excused to every condition. As long as you are guilty among all of the risk factors, no one is exempted. It is sad that the prognosis in men is poorer compared to those who are women. As far as I know, I've never known any male w...
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Unfortunately, being male does not exclude one from having breast cancer. When I was a general surgery resident, I wrote a paper on this because I had two patients who have male cancer. Both patients are in their teens! Its so unusual because I'v...
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