Gallbladder polyp

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31 Aug 2016 - General

Polyp in the gallbladder can be incidental finding during ultrasound abdomen, which was done for other purpose. Gallbladder polyp includes cholesterol polyp (most common type), inflammatory polyp, adenoma, adenocarcinoma, and metastaic disease. The differentiaition of neoplastic and benign lessions is a primary problem. Sessile and larger than 1cm polyps are more likely to be malignant,. Computed tomography or EUS (Endoscopic ultrasound) may help in the differential diagnosis. For polyp greater than 1cm, cholecystecymoty is recommened in appropriate cohort., due to the potential for malignancy. Smaller polyp can be followed by interval ultrasound abdomen, looking for a change in size or appearance. Any opinion from fellow surgical collegaue with regard to management of gallbladder polyp???

Strangely, I have not come across any case of gallbladder polyps in my career. Have you seen any? How frequently do those present to you? I don't think that it is an uncommon occurrence, but probably the low incidence is due to the fact that it can be missed during routine ultrasound scanning, or can be misdiagnosed as a gall stone. Do you have any details available on the chance of it becoming malignant? Usually, for other benign gallbladder pathologies, we can manage the patient conservati...
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