The doctor’s unconscious bias: Keeping it in check

The doctor’s unconscious bias: Keeping it in check

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Many people, even those who claim to be very open-minded, are prone to have prejudgements about other people and situations. This type of prejudice is often triggered without us being aware of it and is what is referred to as the unconscious bias. The impact of unconscious bias can be very significant as it has the power to influence our day-to-day actions and decisions.
31 Aug 2016 - General
I'm guilty of this with patients. Sometimes a patient comes in and I'd have certain prejudice and I avoid this because the prejudice dictates my approach so whenever I catch myself I stop for awhile and change focus. I often wonder if patient...
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Marinelle Castro "Being an overthinker doesn't help either." There is such thing as paralysis by analysis and we cannot afford that too inside the hospital. Rapid, firm judgme...
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I must admit that there are times that I'm quite guilty of making rapid judgments. Whenever I'm in the hospital, I live in a very fast-paced life and in order to compensate, I tend to make quick judgments. Being an overthinker doesn't hel...
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Healthcare professionals have to make decisions with utmost objectivity, even with co-workers. We must always remember that the main goal is to give quality medical service to a patient. Personal differences should not be a barrier to achieving this ...
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