3 Signs of Self-Love « Relationships

3 Signs of Self-Love « Relationships

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If you really want to be happy, you need to be happy with who you are – you need to [...]
31 Aug 2016 - General
You can love the whole world around you, but yet if you do not love yourself enough, there are always going to be bad things you have to face along the way. Even in a relationship, there should be love and care for oneself as much as one loves and cares for his / her significant other. There needs to be a fine balance between the two. Many of today's problems among couples is because people fail to keep these two in balance Either one cares for him / herself too much, or he / she is not payi...
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True happiness really comes from within. I think that self-love is a very basic characteristic that mature people have, and is also a factor that influences how one relates to other people. People who lack self-love seem to be those who often are "toxic people" in relationships, since this lack of self-love is related to low self-worth and insecurity, which is masked by neediness and a the need to be in control of other people. Well, I'm no expert in such topics, but these are just...
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Indeed, you can never give the things you don't have. This is a wonderful article teaching us about self love. As mentioned above, people with positive attitude towards themselves does not need to prove theirselves towards others and even themselves. Wherein if you're happy and love your life, you're not concerned with what others are thinking about you. Same as with contentment in life which also leads to self love. Being contented with oneself and all the things you have makes you ...
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