Singapore just became the first country to have self-driving taxis

Singapore just became the first country to have self-driving taxis

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Singapore just became the first country to actually implement self-driving taxis on the road for public use.
1 Sep 2016 - General
Maria Cristina Inserto Haha that sounds like the type of TV series I would like to watch. I was coming to the end of the TV series that I'm watching now and was considering another one. I shall definitely start watching Silicon Valley. Yeah we cannot compare this to what happens in TV shows, but it doesn't mean that we are 100% safe from h=things that can potentially happen. Any electronic device is hack-a...
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This reminds of me an episode in the TV series Silicon Valley. One of the characters was offered to ride the company's driver-less cars on his way back home and was instead rerouted to go to this fictitious island which was run by machines. It was so crazy because he was driven into a crate/container when the car was transported to the island and all that time he couldn't control the car. He didn't know what to do. Hehe. I am not trying to scare you--TV exaggerates a lot of things. T...
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Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan Yeah apparently it is still in the pilot stage. There are several projects that are held in different parts of the world, notably the one conducted by google, to enhance the ability to have self driven cars on the roads. There are cars running in the streets, but this is like the first time the general public is allowed to use these self driven cars. I also would really love to have a ...
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Hey guys. So apparently after so much talk and debates and testing, self driving cars have finally hit the streets. And they have started from Singapore! Singaporeans here, have you had the chance to try out these new 'robotic cars'? Still the car is not literally driverless, because according to the article, there still is a driver in the driver seat who does not drive but is just there in case any unforeseen event occurs. And there seem to be a researcher also present in the taxi to ev...
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