Period trackers: A Patient's and Doctor’s Aid

Period trackers: A Patient's and Doctor’s Aid

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Even being a doctor, as a woman I can tell you straight out it is not easy to recall your last menstrual period. Especially when you have an irregular menstrual cycle, the struggle to remember the last time you had to reach for a sanitary napkin is extremely challenging. Fortunately and once again with there being an app for everything come the period trackers, which can serve as tools to help both women and doctors too.
1 Sep 2016 - General
I use an app too because I tell you, unless I plot it, I will never remember when I last had my period and so cannot predict when I will have my next. I have fairly regular cycle of 28 days but I find myself varying to 25-26 days sometimes, but more or less, its easy to track and the app is very helpful. Yes, it can definitely be used for family planning. If couples do not want to use condoms and other methods, they can rely on the app to help avoid fertile days. It's really simple. I know a...
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I agree with Jemelyn Mae Sodusta as it can also be used for family planning. In the Philippines, the Catholic church does not approve of taking oral contraceptive pills or use of condoms as a way of family planning. It is considered a mortal sin to engage in these methods. Hence, more couples use the rhythm method which relies on having an accurate record of menstrual history. The application will help more Filip...
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I personally use a period tracker "Period tracker by monthly cycles" for IOS. There is no reason to think that the tracker would be inaccurate as it just records data. If you are considering the ability to predict your next period and when you are fertile this would be highly dependent on the regularity of your cycle. If you have a regular cycle of let's say 28 days the app will make no mistake in telling you when your next period will arrive and when you are fertile. The calculati...
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Glad to know that period tracker is available. Does anyone of you here uses this? Is it accurate? Please let us know your experience. This article will be very helpful on those patients who is using family planning and to those couples who wanted to have a child. Aside from monitoring your menstrual cycle, it also reminds you to take your daily medications. It is really helpful to those women who had a busy schedule. On the brighter side, it will be easier for the doctors to track down the cyc...
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