4 questions pharmacists should ask their customers

4 questions pharmacists should ask their customers

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What should pharmacists ask their customers to get the essential information for their counselling? Here are some.
1 Sep 2016 - General
In an ideal setting where patient counselling is provided, it is pertinent that these questions be asked, first by the doctor, and then by the pharmacist. Here in the Philippines, however, patient counselling is not a conventional part of the dispens...
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The questions presented in the article is actually not happening in real life setting. As what i experienced here in our place theres this pharmacy that the one whose incharge doesn't even bothered to ask the patient if he/she had a allergies, if...
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It is good if the pharmacists also talk to the patients these questions to make sure the drugs the patient is getting is the right medication and will not cause any harmful effects. But I believe it is the prescribing doctor who is the first person t...
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