Making House Calls

Making House Calls

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From the very beginning of medical practice, doctors have made house calls to attend to patients. When in need, call upon your doctor and he or she will arrive - and there are more ways than ever for this to work smoothly in the modern world.
1 Sep 2016 - General
Oh but I want the bat sign to be able to signal for a DOC not an app! Haha. I hardly do house calls because we almost always need the dental chair to treat the patient, but I've done extractions and denture fittings at home (for neighbors my mom would promise my services to, hehe). I, however, facilitate a lot of online/text consultations among family and friends. It's fine. I have people sending me pictures of their teeth all the time. Some random people send me pictures of their teeth...
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Marinelle Castro "Sometimes, this can be an effect of googling symptoms and having the false impression that they have a serious medical condition."- like someone has a headache and they google that they have aneurysm. Totally understandable that a patient would freak out by this. It is good to have the option to talk to medical professional online to address such problems. There is no need to panic and...
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Telemedicine is not a popular mode of medical consultation in my country. There are general practitioners everywhere, so people are used to going to ine if these places when they are in need of some advice from a doctor. However, Telemedicine can be an effective way for patients to reach out for doctors. In a non emergency situation, the patients can be advised to do what is needed. We can even ask them what investigations would be needed at his next visit to the doctor, so it might save a secon...
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I didn't get to see that movie that was mentioned in the article. However, I think that telemedicine also plays an important role for patients who needs a consult that are not emergent and can be handled through a call. Since patients are not aware what constitutes a true medical emergency, telemedicine specialists have the responsibility of informing patients if they need emergent care. More often than not, a lot of patients just wants to talk to a medical professional for reassurance regar...
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