Internet and mobile devices prompt positive lifestyle changes

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1 Sep 2016 - General

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A lot of apps can encourage movement and an active lifestyle. The iPhone even has a built-in heath app that tracks the number of steps and even the flights of stairs climbed each day. A lot of android-based phone have connectivity with a watch that can serve as a digital calorie and fitness tracker on the go. There are even apps that can function as a personal trainer and provide a fitness program to follow. Apps are great because they provide structure, especially for fitness newbies. We can re...
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True. It goes both ways really---it will depend on the person's priority and overall ability to control. For instance, ever since I was introduced to the iPad and smartphones, I've become more "addicted" to social media. But then again I'm never the type to completely go under and waste hours on pointless things. But I'm always glued to my phone and I have a Samsung watch that keeps me connected to my phone even when I am far from it. Hehe. Now in terms of the good thou...
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Finally, some good news. Although I personally think that the conclusions of this study has a lot of confounding factors. Based on personal observation and experience, social media and internet can really influence people to decide on living healthier lives. Just as an example, I noticed a group of friends who suddenly took up the habit of cycling because it became such a hype in social media. There was also a time when triathlons were a hype because of how it was being promoted by popular media...
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