Malaysia confirms first local Zika virus case

Malaysia confirms first local Zika virus case

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The emergence of the first Zika virus infection within the country gives Malaysia additional worries after neighbouring Singapore reported its first locally transmitted case last week.
2 Sep 2016 - General
Zika Virus is easily spread to Malaysia, once Singapore was invaded, as there is high volume of traveling between this two neighbour countries every day. The first confirmed case in Malaysia is a woman visiting her daughter in Singapore recently, in which her daughter was also been confirmed with the Zika virus infection. There are possibly with more un-diagnosed or un-reported cases in community, due to mild symptoms. Malaysia has been implement surveillance at the transit point with Singapore...
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Alex Ngai: I did not mean that it is not effective as a detection measure, I was referring to people who are in the incubation period wherein this will not work. Definitely they should have thermal scanners around and the like to not only show the public that something is being done but it is really something that is of help. Truly for dengue we have come more accustomed to its presence but seeing as it is a more...
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Jennifer Winter Certainly the thermal scanners may not be 100% effective, but as with most public health issues, its often better to be seen to do something that only has 50% efficiency than to do nothing while waiting for a 100% usable solution to be found.

Having precautions or measures in place also help to alleviate public concern and prevent widespread panic. Unlike normal dengue fever, while the p...
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That definitely is no big surprise that Zika is spreading to other countries. As much as I don't want it to come to the Philippines I feel its almost inevitable. If and when it comes here it will surely be an epidemic as dengue itself has been and is very difficult for us to control. The vector needs to be removed but with the rainy season the eggs up to larvae of aedes are just everywhere. We just need to keep the public well informed to prevent panic. It said at the end of the article that...
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It didn't take long for the virus to spread from Singapore, and I can't say anybody is very surprised. The geological closeness of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, coupled with the amount of trade and human traffic that occurs across these countries, mean that confining any single infection can be very difficult.

Unlike Singapore, which is essentially a city-state, keeping the virus under control in rural Malaysia may end up being a major obstacle.

Zika has become k...
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