First pregnant woman Zika case adds to Singapore’s growing number of transmissions

First pregnant woman Zika case adds to Singapore’s growing number of transmissions

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Current numbers in Singapore are up to 115 as of Wednesday afternoon, with a pregnant woman among the latest 24 Zika cases. Recent studies have also shown infected female mosquitoes are able to pass the virus to their offspring.
2 Sep 2016 - General
Southeast Asia has been invaded by Zika virus. In Singapore, there are a total of 115 reported cases of Zika virus, with 1 pregnant woman was infected. There will be much more unreported cases of Zika virus infections in the community, because some of them will only had mild symptoms, and they did not seek for medical attention. The actual Zika virus case in community should be much higher than the reported number. The spreading of Zika virus to Malaysia is inevitable once, it has invaded Singap...
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I have seen quite a number of posts regarding the Zika virus in the past few days. forgive me for my illiteracy, but Is there a global peak of incidence of Zika around the world these days? It is very unfortunate that there is a pregnant women among the 115 patients diagnosed with Zika. I guess the number that go diagnosed is higher, but it is a good thing that pregnant woman are being diagnosed. Doctors will get time to follow the patient up closely to identify complications early. With regard ...
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The hype in Zika virus may not be worth the alarm for normal patients, but for a pregnant woman, the risks and danger is real because she will transfer the virus to the child and it can develop microcephaly or other neurological diseases. It is quite alarming how fast the numbers are rising--from the first infected person in Singapore to over a hundred people now and worst, a pregnant woman. As there is one patient found in Malaysia, everyone is probably waiting in silence. Can Malaysia control ...
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The Ministry of Health has sent out an advisory saying that pregnant Singaporeans infected by Zika would be referred to a O&G specialist for counselling.

I wonder how they would handle the questions of these patients. For example, how would they respond to the pregnant patient who is considering termination of the pregnancy because of fears of Zika-caused microcephaly?

Pregnancy is already a very stressful period of time for mothers-to-be, and it would likely only get wor...
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