Propose bill seeks more benefits for solo parents

Propose bill seeks more benefits for solo parents

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MANILA, Philippines —The Lower House filed a bill that gives additional benefits and discounts to about two million solo parents in the country. Delia has been raising her two children on her own, having been separated from her husband for 15 years. She earns about P200 daily from selling and often finds
2 Sep 2016 - General
Theekshana Abayawickrama I just hope that our government will smoothly accept and approve this bill. Be applied immediately in our country, the ever awaited support needed from the mothers. Marinelle Castro yes I would have to agree with you. Parents who ran away from home, never going back and trying to abandon their children no...
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Yes, its really hard for a single parent to support a child on your own. But can't they ask for a support from their 'ex' husband/ wife? It is both their responsiblity to support their child not a single parent alone. Really sad to read that there is an increasing number of a single parents. I hope the current administration will consider this. Aside from reducing the burden from the solo parent, it can also give his/her an opportunity to save and can provide for other neccessities o...
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This is going to relieve a lot of load for single parents with a lower income and benefit them raising their kids and providing what should be for the kids. The important thing is the the kids are sufficiently provided with nutritionally and educationally. I support the parties that have done such good efforts and made changes in the lives of these single parents. It is tough raising a kid solo and what more providing themselves with their own needs and wants. I hope they will continue doing th...
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Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of being a parent is already tough. Covering for both roles is seemingly impossible. In case of a single mom, she has to assume the paternal figure too and vice versa for a single dad. A 7-day leave with pay seems to be inadequate and it should be increased to at least 2 weeks. There are a lot of areas to be covered for a single parent and he/she will understandably absent himself/herself when a child gets sick. Also, the number of special privilege lea...
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This is a good bill. I hope the current administration supports it. Its a bitter truth that the family unit of our society has been disrupted since the popularity of migrant workers. Sad to say, one or both parents have to leave the country just to put food on the table. I've heard of so many stories about husbands who never returned. The poor wife who gets left behind has to deal with all the problems - emotionally, physically and financially. To add to this bill, I think fathers who run aw...
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10% discount when purchasing clothing for 12 years since giving birth
20% discount when purchasing milk and food for children for three years
20% discounts on medicines, vitamins and other medical supplies for 18 years
10% discount on school fees from preschool to college
20% discount on hospital bills of the mother and of the children
VAT exemption among solo parents earning P50,000 monthly

Wow this is really a great relief for parents who are raising on their own w...
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As a counterpart to the other article I've posted which saddened me a lot about the death polls from drug war, reading this has made me realize that there is an ongoing change. Reading the benefits from the proposed solution to aid our fellow single parents raising their child/children is really something we can be proud of. Though I am not a single parent or what, from a single citizen, having without or little any responsibility with your children if you have, I can feel that if I am in th...
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