Mylan to Sell Generic EpiPen « Inside Health News

Mylan to Sell Generic EpiPen « Inside Health News

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After criticism regarding the price of its EpiPen, drug company Mylan says it will create a generic version
2 Sep 2016 - General
It is a good move that we don't often see from billion dollar multinational companies, but still $300 is still a ridiculously high price for something that probably costs less than $50. The epipen is currently sold in the market for $600 and many people have criticized their action of keeping the prize that high. Before the company bought rights to sell the device, it was being sold for $100 so it is very clear that the only reason for the extremely high prize is making extremely high profit...
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Another solution to prevent the dreadful outcomes of allergies. Most especially those who have asthma attacks, people who are allergic to certain drugs and foods which could result to choking sensations and could result to further management. This is the right answer for everyone's concern. A medication made to be readily available to the public. We all know that not everyone can afford these type of drugs, good thing that the company will try to produce a generic form of the drug. I hope th...
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