The HPV vaccine has cut infections by up to 90% in the past 10 years

The HPV vaccine has cut infections by up to 90% in the past 10 years

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A recent review of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is has found that in the 10 years since its original release, the infection rate of HPV has been lowered by up to 90 percent in countries with high levels of immunisation.
2 Sep 2016 - General
Technology really has done an immense job in keeping us healthy in a world where new disease are emerging day by day. We as healthcare professionals have a duty to safeguard the health of all the people around us because we are the ones who knows what can can go wrong and we are the ones who have the knowledge as to how to prevent it. It is always more important to prevent diseases rather than cure it, so whenever possible we have to increase the awareness among the population about these kind o...
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Increased in technology has provided us with great measures in saving and improving lives. I personally feel that we should all try to contribute in our best way to protect each other and also give medical advice to non-medical background citizens so that they can also benefit from all these advances in the world. Vaccines will protect a person but that does not mean that precautionary measures must be ignored. Also, making sure that all of us are healthy inside and outside is important-going to...
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Human papilomavirus infection is not a dreaded disease in the world. It doesn't cause outbreaks that make newspaper headlines, or cause people to wait in line to get vaccinated. But it is a silent virus that can cause huge problems. "Five percent of all cancers worldwide are caused by papillomavirus infection, cervical cancer is the big one," This line itself says how terrible the virus is. It is good to hear that the awareness among the population has increased and more and more p...
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