Can it wait till the morning? Nocturnal surgeries found to double mortality risks

Can it wait till the morning? Nocturnal surgeries found to double mortality risks

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Patients who underwent surgery during the night are found to have twice the risk of mortality as patients operated on during regular working hours.
2 Sep 2016 - General
Jennifer Winter You are right. It is confusing as to why the study was even ethically approved. An immediate intervention has to be done in case of acute cases such as surgical abdomen regardless of the time of day. Surgeons are trained to perform procedure even in sleep-deprived situations. It is proven to work since the beginning of the surgical field. Maybe it would have been better if they compared shorter sh...
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" Had you known that your surgeon had only gotten five hours of sleep the entire day before performing your scheduled hip surgery, would you ask for another doctor or change your surgery date?" A patient probably could not tell if a doctor lacks sleep. We were trained to function optimally even with an unphysiologic state. We have already adapted to poverty of sleep since the first day of medical school. ...
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This article caught my eye. According to the research done the factors are: "The possible causes include provider fatigue during anaesthesia and surgery, overnight hospital staffing issues, delays in treatment or the patient being too sick to be postponed prior to treatment." I probably need to see the abstract or at best the actually research itself because the factors are really contradicting. Provider fatigue I think is a given but if the surgery is an emergency we definitely cannot...
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I'm a little skeptic to attribute the poor outcomes of patients who had surgery in the evening to "doctor factors". For one, I'm sure surgeons won't operate unless its absolutely necessary to do so. In general, patients who usually need urgent surgery have poorer prognosis than those who aren't in that bad shape. Let's just say, its something "that can wait". However, if you are the patient, and you have to withstand abdominal pain for 6 more hours (or eve...
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