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3 Sep 2016 - General

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Physiatrists work hand in hand with physical, occupational, and speech therapists and orthotists and prosthetists  and other medical fields to facilitate a patient's recovery. This is the allied healthcare provision of rehabilitation medicine. Recently, a Filipino doctor of PT from Chicago, Illinois caused a stir in the Philippines's medical field by shaming (name dropping) respected orthopedic surgeons and physiatrists by showing clips of patients allegedly expressing dissatisfaction with these doctors. He stated that these patients became well after a few sessions of physical therapy in his center. This center is stand alone with him acting as a doctor. There is no physician available to give first aid or provide medications in case a medical energency happened. For the record, physical therapists are not allowed to treat patients without a referral and prescription program from a physiatrists. Also, a physician must be on stand-by in a PT center just in case someone has urgent medical symptoms and signs. Few days ago, he posted another video lambasting doctors and labelling our MDs for Magaling Dumaldal (Loquacious Doctors who only pay lip service but do not improve the patient's well-being). He then ended the video stating that he does not need an MD because he is exceptionally good. Honestly, it was disappointing for someone with extensive education overseas to act with poor morals. I cannot understand his motives for attacking doctors just to promote his fraudulent clinic. Is this how allied healthcare in the Philippines will look like in the future? Are the new generation of health professionals willing to set aside ethics just to make it to the upper echelon of healthcare? What are your thoughts on the action of the doctor of PT? Does this happen to other countries too? 

Marinelle Castro You have great points on this issue. It was surreal to make a sweeping generalization for all the doctors that we were ripping people off. If there is one thing he is exceptionally good at, it is thinking selfishly of his welfare. This is a classic example of crab mentality, which is sadly common in our country. I could never imagine being in a position where I would grab the opportunity to gain ...
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I've never seen the video and I probably won't because of its content. Anyway, I don't think that majority of allied healthcare professionals are like that. There are a few jerks (excuse me for the term) here and there, but so far they don't dominate the scene yet that's why they still become viral. One of these days I'm sure this "exceptionally good" therapist will encounter an unforseen complication and he'd wish that a medical expert was there to help aro...
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